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International Symposium on Future Software Technology

October 27-29, 1999
Nanjing, China

Sponsors: Software Engineers Association of Japan

General Information: This is the forth symposium dedicated to the future software technology in succession to the series of annual international CASE Symposiums held in China since 1991. This symposium will be organized by SEA (Software Engineers Association of Japan), UNU/IIST (International Institute of Software Technology of United Nations University), the State Key Laboratory for Novel Software Technology at Nanjing University, and other academic and industrial institutions. ISFST-99 will bring together researchers, practitioners, and educators in the leading-edge software technologies.

The theme of the symposium is: "Software Technology Catering for 21st Century".


Program Co-Chairs:

Prof. Jian Lu (Nanjing University)
Prof. Masami Noro (Nanzan University)

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