Call for Participation


 International Workshop on Future Software Technology 2008

        November 22 - 24, 2008 in Macau

                Co-sponsored by

        SEA (Japan) and UNU-IIST (Macau)


SEA (Software Engineers Association of Japan) has been conducting A
series of annual international technical symposium in China in
cooperation with UNU/IIST (United Nations University's International
Institute for Software Technology) since 1996. It has been titled as
ISFST: International Symposium on Future Software Technology, and IWFST
from 2005.

The purpose of the workshop is to examine recent progresses in software
technology, to exchange various technical and business information, and
to promote the sound industry-academia cooperation in future. It will be
a good place for practitioners, researchers and educators in software
community to discuss about the trend of business and technology in the
intimate atmosphere.

Following 2 topics were carefully selected for this year'sour working
group discussions:

(a)	Formal Method:
Any approaches based on some mathematical models are welcome, like
formal specification language, architecture description language or
model based testing.

(b) Software as an output of immaterial labor
Last year we discussed on this topic. Its idea about our own labor
itself covers from socio-technical field to pure-technical field like
software process or user interface. We'd like to continue to discuss
about this theme.

                How to participate?!!

Attached below is the detailed information about the workshop
organization with registration.
Please join us. We welcome your participation.

				WFST-2008 Program Co-Chairs:
            				Chris George (UNU-IIST, Macau)
            				Masao Ito (Nil Software, Japan)

A. IWFST2008 General Information for Participants

1. Workshop Venue
       UNU-IIST (Estrada do Engenheiro Trigo 4, Macau SAR, China)
		See http://www.iist.unu.edu -> Contact Us -> How to Find us
for travel information

2. Workshop Schedule
        Nov 22 (Sat) Evening: Registration (18:30-19:30) @ UNU-IIST
                              Welcome Reception

        Nov 23 (Sun) Morning: Working Group Discussion #1
                	      Afternoon: Working Group Discussion #2
                	      Evening: Banquet
        Nov 24 (Mon) Morning: Working Group Discussion #3
                	      Afternoon: Discussion #4 and Summary

3. Handout Material and Proceedings

For the handout material for working group discussion, we will collect
presentation slides from all participants. After the workshop is over,
SEA Japan will publish the post-workshop proceedings.

The contents will be:

   (1)	Summary report from each working group with collection of
        presentation slides used in discussion, and
   (2)	(Position papers re-written reflecting the discussion at the


Please make your registration using the Registration Form until Oct 31

IWFST is a discussion-oriented workshop. So, please prepare your
position paper (4 pages or less) and e-mail it to the following address
by Oct 31 (Fri).

We will compile all the position paper to produce handout materials for

5. Registration Fee

        Regular: 250 US dollar
        Student: 150 US dollar

        The fee includes 2 lunches, 2 dinners (including a banquet), and
        the after-workshop proceedings.

6. Method of Payment:

        Cash (US$) only.
        Please pay your workshop fee at registration desk.

7. Lodging

We are preparing 15 hotel rooms at the following hotel, but this cost is
*NOT* included in the registration fee (90US$/night + 10US$/breakfast).

		Hotel: Hotel Sintra, Macao	

registration form

Title:  Select one (Prof. Dr. Mr. Ms)
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Arrival Date:
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Accompanied Person (if any):

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                  (Surname)     (First name)     (Middle name)
          Passport No.:

Workshop Fee:
          [ ] Regular: 250 US$   [ ] Student: 150 US$

	Would you like to stay in our reserved hotel room ?
	90US$/night + 10US$/breakfast

                  [ ] Yes  [ ] No, I make reservation by myself.

******************** End of Registration Form ***************

IWFST2008 Hotel Reservation Form

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          (Surname)     (First name)    (Middle name)
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Check-in Date:
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Room sharing person (in the case of sharing a room):

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Special Request (If any):


Send any comments, suggestions and requests to SEA; sea @ sea.or.jp

goto SEA Home Page (www.sea.jp)

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