Call for Participants of IWFST-2009

      International Workshop on Future Software Technologies

                            Mumbai, India

                  10th December - 13rd December 2009

                            Organized by
              Software Engineering Association, Japan
                       in collaboration with
                           NASSCOM, India

Motivation and Goals

 We have been holding symposia and workshops regarding software
engineering and computer science in Asia from 1986. The conference was
held mainly in China, the only one exception was at Osaka in Japan.
Because there are many attractions in China, that are not only cultural
materials but also historical and philosophical matters. The topics we
have discussed are the state of the art and the state of the practice of
computer systems and software systems including software engineering,
computer science, information technology, and information systems. There
were many participants from China, Korea, India, Singapore, Australia,
Vietnam, Taiwan, America, and Japan. We decided to hold IWFST-2009 in
India. Because India is a great country as same as China, and it's very
popular about software business recently all over the world. India
provides us not only the way of thinking but also the driving force of
Asian spirits. The goal of the workshop is to bring researchers and
participants with special interest on future software technology for
software development.


This year we focus on the three subjects as follows;

    Asian computing based on multi-culture and multi-lingual

    General engineering versus specific domain engineering

    Outsourcing business in Asian sphere

Participants will have broad range of expertise in topics ranging from
computer engineering, computer science, software engineering,
information technology, and information system.

Submissions and Proceeding

The workshop invites the submission of position paper of at most 4
pages. Proceedings of the workshop will be published after the workshop.
The program committee will review the submissions for their relevance
and technical merits. We especially encourage the submissions of
provoking or unconventional ideas that can lead to lively and productive
discussions, and inspire new research ideas and directions. Submissions
should be sent to the program chairs, Gargi Keeni (gargi.keeni@tcs.com)
or Akira Kumagai (bearsan@taobears.com) by e-mail as an attachment.
Please refer to the workshop's webpage
(http://www.taobears.com/iwfst-2009/IWFST2009.htm) for details of the program.

Dec/10 Seminars (invited talks/ round table discussions/ panels)
       Outsourcing business in Asian sphere

Dec/11 Asian computing based on multi-culture and multi-lingual
       General engineering versus specific domain engineering

Dec/12 Excursion (Aurangabad)

Dec/13 Excursion (Aurangabad)

Dec/14 Optional excursion (Ajanta & Ellora)


Submission:      October  30, 2009
Notification:    November 10, 2009
Camera ready:    November 30, 2009

Organizing Committee

  General Chairs

     Kouichi Kishida (SRA-KTL, Japan)
     Kyo C. Kang (POSTECH, Korea)
     Dehua Ju (CSIA, CSSPIA, China)
     Rajiv Vaishnav (NASSCOM, India)

  Program Chairs:

    Gargi Keeni (Tata Consultancy Services, India)
    Akira Kumagai (TAO Bears, Japan)

  Program Committee:

    Sooyong Park (Sogang University, Korea)
    Beijun Shen (Shanghai Jiaotong Universty, China)
    Keijiro Araki (Kyushu University, Japan)
    Hideo Nakano (Osaka City University, Japan)
    Masao Ito (Nil software, Japan)
    Rajiv Vaishnav (NASSCOM, India)

Registration Fee

  Regular  250US$ + Excursion fee
  Student  100US$ + Excursion fee


Send any comments, suggestions and requests to SEA; sea @ sea.or.jp

goto SEA Home Page (www.sea.jp)

Fri Oct 16 16:19:20 JST 2009